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Become part of the team that is bringing an Organic/Paleo lifestyle to the world! 

Did you know that our liquid vitamins are the #1 Selling and Highest Positive Rated liquid vitamins on the LARGEST MARKETPLACE IN THE WORLD ( since May 2015? 

Why not share the love AND make money doing it? 

Tell people about our products through your Blog, Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or email database and you will automatically receive 10% of the entire sale as cash or gift certificates to our's that simple!

For blogger we have (named Sarah) emails her 10K person database about how she just tried our delicious Organic Liquid Morning Multivitamins and how she recommends it to all her audience to try it out. She provides the link (that we will give you), anyone who clicks that link and buys within 30 days of clicking the link, will earn Sarah 10% of that total sale!

So imagine that now of her 10K person database, 2K of them decided to click the link and check it out, lets say just a mere 100 of them (5%) clicked and bought the multivitamins. Each sale is $40, so 100 x $40 = $4000. That would mean Sarah receives 10% of that total sale amount. Sarah just made $400 by just sending 1 email to her audience. Now that doesn't even include the fact that most people buy MORE THAN one product and that doesn't include all the sales that will come from other people re-forwarding your link to their friends, and so on! There are endless possibilities!

Why would we spend thousands of dollars paying ad agencies when we can give that money back to our loyal customers who love our products and share that love with the world! It's circuitry! :)

All you need is a PayPal account so we can transfer all your earned commissions :)